NewsWatch TV Gets the Story

December 30, 2016
Many people who have reviewed NewsWatch TV consider it to be one of the finest weekly news programs available. Among other factors, they cite it as a truly unique magazine-type news and entertainment program. They laud the program for its coverage of breaking government and medical news and consumer electronics news, including up-to-date mobile app news and reviews. NewsWatch TV also covers a great many public service news stories and announcements because people need to know this stuff.

From the time NewsWatch TV was created and aired as a monthly business news program, the show has evolved into an great example of the best that TV news can do. Its audience has also grown, thanks to the efforts of the NewsWatch Distribution Network. The show airs weekly on Discovery and it is also a featured program on ION Television. Overall, it is available in nearly 100 million homes, via broadcast stations in around 200 markets overall, including all of the 20 largest markets in the country. In particular, viewers like the informative and educational way news is combined with the most interesting celebrity interviews.

NewsWatch TV Joins Discovery Channel

June 19, 2016
When looking for a news source, one often relies on the reliability of the network it airs on. This is why NewsWatch TV works to partner with reliable networks like the Discovery Channel. NewsWatch TV airs weekly in more than 200 markets in the United States including Discovery Channel and ION Network. Every episode is available in virtually every market throughout the country and every edition reaches more than 96 million households across the nation. NewsWatch TV’s cast and crew offer decades of broadcast experience to ensure that the news is being reported in a way that maximizes the viewer’s understanding of the events and issues going on around the nation.